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In any case, flames rapidly traveled up fannys muslin hoop-dress and she ran into the study, where longfellow was napping, and cried henry! He woke up and managed to put the fire out, burning himself in the process. I am alive after what my eyes have seen, he wrote, i know not. German is spoken as a second language in many countries in eastern europe where german culture and language have been an important common bond through the centuries. Also in the study are a bust of dante and a statuette of goethe, reminders that longfellows mind ranged far from the cozy new world subject matter for which he is so loftily dismissed today...

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It was in this house that longfellow wrote evangeline and the song of hiawatha. It was work well done, a life well lived, in a house well built. I arrived at the longfellow house on a bright summer morning and joined a tour that was just beginning at the back of the building. Arabic is one of the six major languages of the world with an estimated 186 million native speakers. They were both vulnerable in their grief, though longfellow seems to have fallen harder for fanny than she did for him.

We dont know about others, but here at essay-company. The armchair was a 72nd birthday gift to the poet from the schoolchildren of cambridge, carved from the same sort of spreading chestnut tree that he had made indelible in his poem the village blacksmith...

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And all those overly familiar lines scattered through his work that can seem now like laughable clich├ęssail on, o ship of state! I shot an arrow into the air, footprints on the sands of time, let us, then, be up and doing, the patter of little feet, ships that pass in the nightare not clich├ęs at all, but phrases that were so clear and original when first read they simply slipped into our common vocabulary. Fanny longfellows desk sits by the window overlooking the piazza. The words take on eerie power as you stand in the library of longfellows house, where fanny longfellow caught fire that dreadful july day, or in the bedroom where she died the next morning...

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None of that helped to extend his reputation into a dramatically changing world. Chinese language is spoken by more than one billion people and is the number one spoken language in the world. Its a long, open, spacious room with an oak library table in the center, a japanese screen at one end and bookcases filled with french, german and italian poets, the various languages bound in different colors of vellum and leather. Portuguese is the 6th most spoken language and the second spoken romance language. The library was the scene of family gatherings and dances during the longfellows residency...

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He could never bring himself to speak to his children about their mothers death. However, while modern technologies have maximized the availability, the speed, the efficiency and variety of services, theres little they could change about the human nature we are likely to forever doubt if the price of something is fair when we dont know from personal experience how much work and time goes into it. By that time the craigie house that had once been washingtons headquarters would be enshrined as the longfellow house, so well-known and admired for its chaste architectural grandeur that replicas would be built around the country and a mail-order version offered in the 1918 sears roebuck catalogue...